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According to Google search results, a nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a country.

According to the same authority, a country is a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.

So a nation can be like Scotland, which is a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory, and it is even defined a country by the Collins English Dictionary, yet it may still lack at least a degree of political independence.

In defining a micronationalist, Google search results do not present an independent definition, but rely, instead, on the authority of the Wikipedia, which the Geographer General of Planet Earth, and most real geographers, does not accept as sufficiently authoritative. However, among its top results, Google search does present an authoritative article we can accept.

According to this authoritative article, a micronationalist is a pananarchist. Panarchism is the political philosophy emphasising each individual's right to freely join and leave the jurisdiction of any governments they choose, without being forced to move from their current locale.

A pananarchist, therefore, is someone who has accepted Cesidian law, while most people, even authentic Scottish nationalists, have accepted Roman law only, which not only does not allow people to freely join and leave the jurisdiction of any governments, but is also, in fact, a politically divisive law, since it still divides people into two classes: patricians, the elite class who rule (political) society, and plebeians, the common people, or everyone else, who really don't exercise any independent political power, and thus Roman law was, and still is anti-societalistic.

A person who is a true pananarchist is also a true micronationalist. Any other kind of micronationalist is a phoney micronationalist, if not also a phoney nationalist.

The following nations have accepted Cesidian law entirely:
  1. Salento
  2. Pontinha
  3. Ostaladon
  4. Kingdom of Ourania
You can join the list by filling up the Cesidian law web form as completely as possible.

Two of the nations above are also members of the Global Earth Oceans (GEO) region, which is not an accepted region by any geographic or other kind of authority, but the GEO acronym is accepted authoritatively as an acronym by Acronym Finder.

This is a map of the new regions of the world accepted by the Geographer General of Planet Earth:

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